New Greenhouse Project

Above you will notice a link that will help me & my family to help provide more Herbal & Organic Products to people who are near and far!! I have started this Fund to help raise money to help build a larger Greenhouse for my business, The Herbal Greenhouse. You can purchase Herbs & other Items that I make and sell on Etsy under The Herbal Greenhouse or on Ebay under the username LaMere12. I also have a website at Please, you can also take the time to follow me on Pinterest under The Herbal Greenhouse where you can find photos of the Herbs I grow as well as photos and information about growing Herbs & building Herb Gardens to suit your needs & space. I also post photos of products that I make & sell there as well.

I am a single mother who wishes nothing more than for my boys to grow up and learn about growing Herbs & Plants to feed your Family and to help you financially as well. The Herbs I grow I dry myself & sell online to help with the family income of being an unemployed single mother. I grow Organic Lettuces, Carrots, Herbs & other Veggies to take to Farmers Markets to sell, as well as making my own Aromatherapy Candles with 100% Pure Essential Oils & Palm Wax, which is the cleanest burning wax. I also grow Flowers & Herbs from seed to sell small plants that I can assure have been Organically Grown. I have Pumpkins & Gourds growing right now to hopefully bring in money in the fall!!

Please consider making a Small Donation today, Help jump-start something that can become so much more, not only for my kids, but for the Community as well.

Blessings to you all,

Brandi LaMere
The Herbal Greenhouse


A Witch’s Book of Shadows

A Witch's Book of Shadows

A witch’s most prized possession! All your secrets, spells, recipies for herbal practices, correspondances for colors & stones, instructions for medicinal herbal products, etc etc etc!

Your Book of Shadows is yours! This is where I write down anything pertaining to anything Witchy that you think will be needed for future use. Over the year’s you will fill them up with information and start new ones. If you are a beginner to Magick & Spellcasting I would recommend starting off with 2 books, you have the opportunity to start off organized so that 2 years from now you aren’t thumbing through 5 books ( because if you are anything like me I collected all kinds of information, not just from the internet but books and other witches you meet on sites like Facebook ) to find something that you wrote down a long time ago. I would use my Book of Shadows for writing spells, incantations~things like that, and the 2nd book for correspondences with herbs, stones, essential oils, colors, etc.

I personally even had to take it a step further and have a book just for herbs~information on them, their Magickal uses as well as their Medicinal uses. I study Herbology through Sacred Mists Online College, so I have a lot of content just on herbs.