New Greenhouse Project

Above you will notice a link that will help me & my family to help provide more Herbal & Organic Products to people who are near and far!! I have started this Fund to help raise money to help build a larger Greenhouse for my business, The Herbal Greenhouse. You can purchase Herbs & other Items that I make and sell on Etsy under The Herbal Greenhouse or on Ebay under the username LaMere12. I also have a website at Please, you can also take the time to follow me on Pinterest under The Herbal Greenhouse where you can find photos of the Herbs I grow as well as photos and information about growing Herbs & building Herb Gardens to suit your needs & space. I also post photos of products that I make & sell there as well.

I am a single mother who wishes nothing more than for my boys to grow up and learn about growing Herbs & Plants to feed your Family and to help you financially as well. The Herbs I grow I dry myself & sell online to help with the family income of being an unemployed single mother. I grow Organic Lettuces, Carrots, Herbs & other Veggies to take to Farmers Markets to sell, as well as making my own Aromatherapy Candles with 100% Pure Essential Oils & Palm Wax, which is the cleanest burning wax. I also grow Flowers & Herbs from seed to sell small plants that I can assure have been Organically Grown. I have Pumpkins & Gourds growing right now to hopefully bring in money in the fall!!

Please consider making a Small Donation today, Help jump-start something that can become so much more, not only for my kids, but for the Community as well.

Blessings to you all,

Brandi LaMere
The Herbal Greenhouse